People of earth, citizens of the kqal listening area… prepare for a transmission from Minneapolis recording artist, Future Babel. According to the biographic text found on the bands website communication, FUTURE BABEL is an emerging global civilization founded on the principles of free thought and expression—rejecting the cultural operating systems of the past. If the medium is the message, the message is clear: The illusion is real.

Other sources, such as The Joy of Violent Movement  say this: 

a weird yet accessible bop centered around off-kilter, skittering beats, twinkling keys, wavy bursts of guitars and a driving groove paired with emcees spitting philosophy

Or this little nicety from Extra! Music Magazine:

this group from Minneapolis has what it takes to realize a musical idea made of beautiful sounds and fascinating alt rock.” - Extra! Music Magazine

I say, open your ears fellow citizens along with your mind and hearts, dots are about to be connected, the future is coming and the past is never done. Behold, Future Babel with their debut full length album of sound delights titled, Warchild 2.0, tonight on The Sound.

Original air date: 05/24/23.
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